Caves of Lot cave diving in April France

6 - 13 April April 2020

Emergence du Ressel | Cabouy | Marchepied | Saint George


  • Gramat, France
  • Closest Airport Toulous (TLS)


  • Duration of the program you will have the opportunity to open yourself to the beauty and uniqueness which are the legendary caves of the Lot. Within the area of Gramat there are more than 14 caves, seven of these are the most famous and regularly visited by divers from all over the world. We will construct the program around the safety & experience of the group, with consideration to the water conditions
  • The water temperature inside the cave is constant and is + 12 ° degrees all year round
  • The topography of the caves are available at the links HERE
• Cabouy
• Combe nègre
• Crégols
• Cunhac
• Emergence du Ressel
• Font del Truffe
• Gouffre de Lantouy
• La Dragonnière
• Landenouze
• Marche-Pied
• Oeil de la Doue
• Pou Meyssens
• Saint Georges
• Saint-Sauveur
• Source bleue (le Bial)
• Trou Madame
  • Youʼll be able to pass all necessary cave and technical courses
    Cavern | Intro | Full Cave
    Cave DPV
    Stage Cave
    Advance Nitrox | Trimix
  • Photos and reports from previous cave diving programs are available in the album LOT

 Additional information about this destination and booking available at presentation below.


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