Caves of southern Spain cave diving in February

16 February - 2 March February 2020

Cueva Del Agua | CT-12 | Cova Del Moraig


  • Isla Plana, Spain
  • Closest Airport Alicante (ALC)


  • Duration of the program you will have the opportunity to open for yourself all the beauty and uniqueness of ones of the most amazing caves in the world - unique european termal cenote Cueva del Agua , as also marine cave CT-12 and source Cova del Moraig
  • The water temperature inside the cave is constant and is + 30 ° degrees all year round.
  • Average depth does not exceed 11 meters
  • The topography of the caves are available at the following links:
  • Youʼll be able to pass all necessary cave and technical courses
    Cavern | Intro | Full Cave
    Cave DPV
    Stage Cave
  • Photos and reports from previous cave diving programs are available in the album CUEVA DEL AGUA

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Cave diving in Spain